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            We all know that life is unpredictable, but sometime it’s hard to take or accept when it comes to the point of knowing that your family member is dying and there is nothing you can do about it, because you live too far from each other. I hope that it will never happen to none of you, because it happened to me once and it was the saddest moment of my life.

            It was two days before Christmas; I had my knee ligament replacement surgery. I was extremely nervous before they putted me to sleep. There were so many nurses and a doctor around and I had no clue what they were going to do to me. The surgery only took a few hours to get done. After the surgery, I didn’t feel much pain until the next day. Luckily, the doctor prescribed me a pain relief medicine. It would work really fast, however it made very drowsy.

            Even though I couldn’t walk, but I was so exciting for Christmas and there it was Christmas’s Eve. It was a snowy night, I was lying down on the couch and watched my front yard covering with snow; it was so beautiful. My parents were in the kitchen cooked us some dinner. Suddenly, my house phone started to ring, my dad answered. I knew that it was my aunt called from Cambodia. However, I noticed that there was something wrong because my dad had changed his emotion; I could barely hear him talked and I was right next to him. I asked, “What wrong?” He didn’t reply, but his eyes started to tears. It was the first time in my life to see he cried.

            At that moment, the first thing that came in my mind was my grandmother, but I didn’t say a word. The conversation wasn’t really long, as soon as my dad hung up the phone, I asked him again, “What is going on?” and the answered was just exactly like my thought. My grandmother got so sick and she hadn’t eaten for three days. The doctor told my aunt that there was no more hope. I was shocked to hear that and there were so many things running in my mind.

            At that night, there was nothing we could do beside waited for the phone call, because my aunt promised that she will keep us update. I couldn’t stay up for so long because I took the pain relief medicine. Somehow, I got up around four in the morning, I saw my dad and mom sat beside me and cried. At that moment, I didn’t want to ask what happened, but I wished that it was just a dream. My dad looked at me with his eyes filled with tears and said, “Your grandmother had left us an hour ago,” and before she left, she kept calling your name. As soon as I heard that I was about to pass out; I couldn’t cry but I felt like my heart was about to break into a million pieces or about stop beating.

 There were so many things that I haven’t done or tell her. I planned to visit her again in this summer. I wanted to show her my diploma and graduation pictures to make her proud. But everything was a little too late, I didn’t even have a chance to say good bye and I couldn’t even be there for her funeral. It was happened too quickly; I could barely take it. I just talked to her the day before my surgery. I could still hear her voice in my ears. From that experience, I learned one thing, life is very unpredictable. We never know when it’s going to end, so take advantage of every second that you have and do what you have to do to the person that you love. Do not wait until the last minute to tell or show that person of how much you love and appreciate him/her, because it might be too late just like what happened to me.


At first, I thought that blogging is really boring. I asked myself; why do I have to read other people writing? Well, after a few week I realized that the purpose of blogging  and having a blog mates is to help me get somes ideas of what to write and at the same time my blog mates and I had a chance to correct each others mistakes.

Blog is not only for homework or assighment; it is a place for you to practice your writing. You don’t have to be perfect, if you make mistakes your peers are going to give you advices. You can also write whatever you feel like to express and explore yourself. Nobody is going to jugde your writing in blog. Remember the more you write, the better chance that you will pass this class. Keep your head up, and believe in yourself. GOOD LUCK ^ ^

Blind In The Wood

It was such a great experiance to walk in the wood with all my classmate. First I had a really hard time walked in the wood blind, but luckily I had a partner who really nice and made me calm. We are classmate, but we barely talk to each other and I’m so thankful that Mrs Marty partner me up with her. She was so realible, she made me felt like even though I can’t see, there nothing to worry about. If she see something in the front of us, she just let me know ahead so that i can be prepare and not hurt myself.

While I walked in the wood I can’t really smell anything, but I felt the trees and I heard a bird siging. It made me feel so relax and calm. My favorite part of this experience was when we all stood in circle and one of us had to guess by touching who that is. It was the first time that I played it and I was really enjoyed it.

After this experience, I felt really bad to those who can’t see. It must be really hard to them to deal with thier surrounding. I think that those people have a really strong heart even though they can’t see, but they still find a way to live thier life. I’m so pround of them. I can’t imagine myself blind forever, I might be so lost and gave up everything.

Every moment in your life is counted. You never know when your time is up! So why you got to be upset over something that not worst it? “The Woman With The Hair” is an example, even though she had only three hairs left and it fell one everyday until she balded, she still live her life happy.

Life is not eazy, but we just have to fact to truth and deal with it. There always a solutions! As long as we keep the head up.

Four years ago, when i was in high school i had one black female friend. I’m orginially from Cambodia, and cambodian people had told my parents that balck people aren’t safe to be friend with. So after my parents found out about my black friend they got over reaction and really got mad at me. This is an example of Fauly Generalization. Not every black people are bad and not every asian or other are good either. I feel like poeple now aday are being so judgemental  and unfair. I’m sure if those people can use thier brain just a little bit thing like this will never happen.

Yeah, in my Arguementative I had include the Justifiable Generalization. I belife that lie is not a really bad thing to do as long as we know the limit and use it in a good way or purpose.

A Puzzling Incident

For my opinion, I think that is really wrong for both sides, especially the president. They should have investigated futher, before they made any judgment. There wasn’t any prove about who is right or who is wrong, but the president went to conclusion be on Gate’s side and use the inappropriated language to the police officer.

Since nobody was there, so we don’t know what was their conversation about. Therefore, we can’t just be on one side and judge another one. The president shouldn’t react like this, it just not fair for the police officer because either one of them could prove that they are right!

“Sweet Land”

 In my opinion, working in a small is very helpful. I can learn and develop many ideas with my groupmates. It just like we helping each other out to complete the puzzles. I think it is very important to listen what other idea is about, so we can learn and correct it from there.

This essay is way easier than the first one! I ran out of things to type in the the first essay, it just so hard to get to the point, what  the authour was trying to tell us.The movie “Sweet Land” is a really romantic one, I just can’t stop myself from writing it. I heard people asserted that the more you write the most mistakes you going to make. It just so many in my head that i want to write it out about this movie. Althought I might make a lot of mistakes, i’ll be happy with the result.

I’m not sure if i had change anything because i’m still lacking in grammars and word choices. It doesn’t mean that Mrs. Marty not a good teacher, it just myself so slow at it. Sometime it kind of scare me because i don’t want to repeat this class. I’m just hoping that i’ll take it faster then this.

Poverty and Education

Nowaday, education is one of the most important thing in life for everyone. Back then, when I was at Cambodia, I had a friend who was really poor and unable to have any good school supply or uniform.. She alway shown up everyday even it wasn’t on time. She was one of the clever student in my class, but the fact of poverty she had to gave up school to help her family out.

Luckily, since preschool i alway have the best teachers. They never treated me like a small piggy bank. They alway try their best to explain everything. When it come to problem they alway going to be there and help me out.

By” Knowledge Construction” Freire meant, education is really important and everyone should not give up and must try really hard to succeed in order to get a good job and get away from poverty.


Sometimes two people have to fall apart just to realize how much they need to fall back together again. That’s never ending love =) ♥ Goodnight everyone, Sweet dreams ♥

Life and Writing

Life and Writing are very similar! In Writing, we need to have lots of tools like papers, pencils, pens, etc. Of course we will make lots of mistakes when we write our first draft, that’s why we have our teacher to help, show, and correct it. Even though we have learned from the first draft, on the second one we still make mistakes but this time, we sure will write a better.

Similar to Writing, we need to have lots of things in order to live your life such as home, foods, transportation, and of course money. We grow up with lots of mistakes and that’s why our parents always be there to help us, so that we won’t repeat that mistakes in the future. In conclusion, i agreed to what people said that, ” the process of writing and specially re-writing is a lot like life.”